About Us

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard. Its unexpected 50 inches of rain caused $125 billion dollars in damage and affected 13 million people while damaging or destroying 135,000 homes. This was a scary time for a lot of people and many are still working to get back in their homes after more than a year since the devastation.

Air Force Veteran, Josh Hernandez, is one of the many who experienced this destruction, with his Alvin home receiving 3 feet of water.
During scary times such as these, people often turn to God for comfort and strength. While Josh walked through his home after the hurricane to assess the damage, throughout his walk he felt God put the word “Tetelestai” on his heart. He had heard of the word “Tetelestai” before, but the way he heard it mentioned then, didn’t make much since of why he felt God was putting this on his heart while analyzing the damage to his home from Hurricane Harvey.
Tetelestai is the last word that Jesus spoke before he died on the cross. In translation; “It is Finished”. Meaning that everything He came to do on this earth is done. And at that point he had given himself as the final and ultimate sacrifice for the sins of those at that time and for everyone else who’d ever walk on earth after him.

“Every room I walked into, the word ‘Tetelestai’ would come to mind." said Hernandez. “Even though I was looking at all the damage to our home and how we’d lost 85% of what we owned, I still had a sense of peace that everything was going to be okay and work out better than I could imagine. But I still thought it was odd that I felt a sense of peace along with the word 'Tetelestai'.”

A few months later, as Josh and his family got back in their home and all was normal again, God started putting the word “Tetelestai” back on his heart, so at that point he decided to research the word more in-depth.

“After I looked into it and read all the different articles that scholars and other people before me had wrote about the word “Tetelestai”, and I learned how deep of a word it was, with so many different meanings, I was shocked that it was so much more than the “It is Finished” statement you always hear or read relating to Christ on the cross." Hernandez said. "One of the biggest meanings or uses of the word was how it could be used as a Victory word. You can literally use it on the context of claiming victory over something, someone, or even a situation. That is when it all made sense for me on why God was putting this word on my heart! He was telling me that I will have Victory over this trial and hardship of the flood damage.”

Josh decided that he wanted a sticker with the word Tetelestai for his truck, as a reminder that he was a Victor and not a victim. Regardless of what obstacles he faces in life or how bad a situation may look, he knew he could rely and stand strong on God's promises throughout the Bible and that all things are for the greater good of those who love God.

He realized how much of a change this revelation of the word 'Tetelestai' made on his faith and every day outlook on life, but then he figured if this is so life changing for himself, why would he not share this with others?
This was the birth of Tetelestai Life

Tetelestai life is here to be something that could really inspire people. Something that would remind people that no matter how far they have run or fallen, no matter how broken they felt or how much weight they felt on their shoulders, it was never greater than the love of Christ. When people think of this word Tetelestai We wanted them to be reminded of how giant, amazing, and powerful Jesus really is!”

Now the thought of a sticker for himself with the word “Tetelestai” on it has transformed into a ministry that goes church to church, and event to event sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping Christians realize who their true identity is through the blood of Jesus Christ.